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June 21, 2013 is in cold storage, frozen September 22nd 1998. Like the Antarctic worm our antifreeze is ready to revive under the right circumstance. Will that circumstance ever arrive again? Probably not and that's OK; we had our day in the sun.

The world is flush with fast 3D hardware and unfortunately the appreciation of bonifide locally rendered content via clever algorithms is on the wane. Such is the nature of tech and the progress of coding simplification.

If under 30 and a CS major, CARRY THE TORCH, STICK AROUND, and explore. At worst you'll be in a position to meet your classmates next Wednesday at 3:30pm during your Data Structures I class with an opening of "hey, you guys probably don't know it but Tran of the demo group Renaissance coded a 32-bit protected mode environment in 1992 while most folks were still coding for a 16-bit segment/offset memory model under DOS 5.0." Make fun of all those people who made the jump to DOS 6.22. You've got 4DOS right? WTF do you need 6.22?

Today the Canadian Government announced their nuclear power agency wants proficient Assembly mode PDP-11 coders for the next 37 years. Embrace the oldskool. The Hornet Archive is a good place to get that background info. We'll keep the candle lit.

Deep freeze thanks to Jim Leonard and the Mindcandy Krew, DJ Jason Scott and the's, the EFF, the ACLU, Orange Juice, No Error, GfxZone aka ArtCity,, and of course the crew for their DECADES-LONG preservation of the scene. Gratitudes. -r3

December 21, 2010

The Wikipedia article about this archive is being recovered. It'll take some time to get it back up to snuff. Feel free to help out: Wikipedia Hornet Archive Recovery.

The SceneSP mirror at seems to have mysteriously disappeared. Anyone know what happened to it? We've disabled links to that site until it is restored (or maybe it is gone for good?).

December 14, 2010

The Wikipedia article describing this archive has been deleted by their admins, because all the info in it was "without a single reference to an independent source." We'll do what I can to get it back. Any Wikipedia experts / sceners wanna help lend a hand getting this important article out of "deletion review" status?

June 19, 2008

After a couple year outage, the Hornet Archive is back up at its original location, The official hosting site for this archive is still at, but we may put some updated content here.

Thanks to Brett Neely (GD) for hosting a demoparty in the SF Bay Area this past weekend, and also for organizing the upcoming "demo kitchen" event.

Mind Candy Volume 2 was released last year.

September 4, 2006

Finally got the website back up. Mind Candy 2 (MC2) very close now.

October 2, 2005

DemoDVD Volume 2 getting close...

Feb 15, 2004

  • Reverified archive mirrors:
    • BE - Yannick Delwiche's MadTracker ftp site. Now has a complete copy of content. Syncing updates nightly.
    • ES - SceneSP. Has an outdated copy of content, and I don't have any contact info for the maintainers.
    • NL - Has a complete copy of content, and is being sync updated nightly.

May 13, 2003 - Major site revamp. You can now limit general searches to a single subdirectory. The Suggestions feature has been added to highlight some of the best productions. Browse ability lets you inspect individual directories via FTP (see the 00_index.txt file in each dir). Some of the site links have been replaced with graphical buttons. Search output has been reformatted for better readability. Mind Candy Volume 2 is on the way, and there are even rumors of a Music Contest 7 in the works.


See the excellent writeup on Wikipedia about the Hornet Archive.

The Hornet Archive was opened on Sep 4, 1992. It ran continuously for the next 6 years, and 16,234 files were catalogged (7.1 gigs in total). On Sep 22, 1998 the archive closed, and for the next several years was idle. And then Jim (our group's coder) decided to put together MindCandy, a collection of demos on DVD. On Feb 17, 2002 the archive was partially restored, and a new search engine was created. Thanks to for hosting this site.

This site is maintained by Hornet, a group which includes Andy "Phoenix" Voss, Dan Wright, Jim "Trixter" Leonard, Brett "GD" Neely, Pim "Stony" van Mun, and myself, Christopher Mann (Snowman, r3cgm).

Over the years, we produced several CDs: Escape (1994), Freedom (1995), Hornet Underground vol. 1 (1996), Hornet Underground vol. 2 (1997), Hornet MODs vol. 1 (1997), Hornet MODs vol. 2 (1997), and MindCandy vol. 1 DVD (2002). In addition, we've held 6 music contests. The web pages are still available for Music Contest 5 (1997) and Music Contest 6 (1998).

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