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4ge-fractal by CuteELFby 4ge
Catalogged: 10 Jan 1997
Size: 10,454
Download: web ftp scene.org
A fractal zoomer - Has an explanation of how the effect is done, but doesn't say much about the generation of the fractal. Good overall program design and comments.

WIN95 And Demos Starter by Cute Elf
Catalogged: 19 Jan 1998
Size: 18,929
Download: web ftp scene.org
Library for using DirectDraw for making demo effects. Use Winzip to decompress archive because of the long file names. If using DirectX 5, you have to change two lines in DirectXConversion.cpp to type cast to (DirectDrawSurface2 *). When you try to compile, you'll know which lines those are. Hmm... maybe wince stands for Win-CuteElf. (If you see this, are you going back there?)

Xmas 96 by CuteElf
Catalogged: 07 Feb 1997
Size: 92,722
Download: web ftp scene.org