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PCX To RAW Converter by Jinx
Catalogged: 26 Feb 1998
Size: 43,706
Download: web ftp scene.org
Menu driven utility to convert pcx files to a raw picture file and a vga palette file.

X-Master v2.0 by Joey Mukherjee
Catalogged: 26 Feb 1998
Size: 88,124
Download: web ftp scene.org
A menu driven file manager for multimedia files like mod-files, fli-files and demos that allows you to keep them all archived on your harddisk.

The Pulse 0.90 by Ladislav Lostakby Unreal
Catalogged: 20 Sep 1998
Size: 1,009,064
Download: web ftp scene.org
Rating: New Czech player of all types of mods, mp3 and wav for Win95/98/NT. The newest beta version brings completely rebuilt system based on "components" (allows to add new features, e.g. new format loader, just by adding the dll library to the directory), new design structure (non-rectangle windows, animated buttons, ...} that allows to change design on-fly while playing, and WinAMP skins support with non-observed differences, 12-parameter Reverb editor with presets saving, simple playlist editor, pop-up menu on right-click, external tools for associating extensions and Systray, several new (and splendid) designs, nice splash-screen on start, sid format support (Commodore 64), full-customizable taskbar using "Captions", and lots of more features which are to be improved in upcoming versions. Supports 669, far, fnk, it, m15, mdl, med, mod, mtm, mp1/2/3, nst, raw, s3m, sid/dat, stm, ult, wav, wow and xm.

Hammerhead by Bram Bos
Catalogged: 24 May 1997
Size: 1,440,712
Download: web ftp scene.org
Rating: What is HammerHead ? HammerHead is a simple TR-909-like drumcomputer program aiming at the dance-scene. You can use it to create perfect Techno-loops, Jungle patterns and real BAD-MOFO-KICK-ASS-NOISY-GABBA-SHIT. What is HammerHead not ? HammerHead is not Shareware, it's Freeware . No frustrating save-disabling, no grayed-out-menu-features, no paying serious money, no annoying messages and most of all NO TIME LIMIT... HammerHead is not a Bossa Nova tool... This means that you won't find any sucky Tom-Toms, Shakers, Cowbells, Congas and Bongos in this box... What you WILL find is cool 909 shit, bad overdriven bassdrums, lotsa snaredrums, claps, and complete breakbeats to spice up the lot. Buckets-o-fun for making Jungle.